The most important factor in finding your Path To Health is setting the right attitude of mind. To help broaden your exposure to information that may help you recognize your significant role in keeping your body healthy and recovering your health (once it’s lost) I have gathered some videos for you to watch. Some of these videos take difficult concepts and make them easier to understand and implement in your life. Whatever the case may be, above each video I will briefly describe why I find the video to be valuable.

In Good Health,

Dr. Richard Robles

The body can heal itself from any disease. We just have to believe it can!

If you have heard me speak in person at one of my seminars, you may have heard me say: “We are very well made.” Our body is so well designed that it will let you know with a symptom if you are not treating it the way your body wants. It can recover from the brink of death, not just because of some miracle drug or surgery. But, because we are that well made. In this video Dr. Lissa Rankin discusses the scientific proof that our body can and does heal itself!

Dr. Masuru Emoto and the Water Crystals

The first work I was exposed to by Japanese doctor and researcher Masaru Emoto back in the late 90’s really changed my perspective on the power of positive mental attitudes, negativity, prayer, and meditation. The video below is a scene from the movie What the Bleep and is a short, but powerful introduction into his work.

(You can view a full
documentary on Dr. Emoto’s water experiments click

Dr. Masuru Emoto and the Rice Experiment

The work of Japanese doctor and researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto has opened the eyes of many people to the power of positivity. Recently, a colleague of mine shared this video with me and I hope you will find the value in it.

Neuroplasticity, rewiring your brain for success!

Have you ever heard the saying: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I am not sure if that is true or not for dogs, but the good news is: You can teach an old human new tricks, talents, habits, or skills! Remember that the brain needs a few things in order to accomplish this feat with more ease. The brain needs a steady, regular supply of glucose and oxygen. As the fuel (oxygen and glucose) is provided, you can then stimulate your brain to develop those new skills or develop neuroplasticity in those pathways that coordinate that new skill.

It seems to me, we can either pay the farmer or we can pay the hospital!”

The young man in this video makes some great points. We are what we eat. If we are eating animals and plants that are raised and cultivated in a manner that causes them to have poor health, what kind of health should we expect from nourishing our bodies with them? Very simply put, we can either pay the farmer or the hospital. It is our choice.

Understanding Leaky Gut Syndrome

Increased intestinal permeability, or leaky gut syndrome, has been treated in the alternative health world for quite some time now. This video will help you better understand how chronic irritation to the intestines creates an inflammatory cascade that slowly saps your health. Although this video refers to microbial (bacterial, viral, etc) irritation, a similar response occurs with immune responses to foods. This highlights the importance of following the dietary guidelines laid out in The Path To Health, as well as having proper food sensitivity testing performed to optimize your diet. In addition, maintaining consistent sources of probiotic foods (raw, fermented food) helps manage the microbial environment in the intestines.